Easiest ways for Pitru Dosh mukti and (Ancestor) Shraddha ceremony.

Some  important points mentioned in majority are :It   has been  emphatically mentioned that 

1) Use deshi ghee cow lamp  enlighted during the day of shraddha or daily niranjan during pitrupaksha ( Not baffelo ghee ) 

2) ( karpoor home / dhuni ) Daily burn karppor upto last day in front of pitar photos if available. 

I do karpoor aarati to lord Hanuman and  my  sadguru  photo and show same to piatars. 

3) Daily show pinch of sugar and  water to drink  ( I do ) Not  mentioned anywhere.

4) Daily give arghya to lord Suryanarayan in morning and  donot forget to do At least  on day of shraddha. This is tremendously supposed to remove pitru doshas.

5 )  Bring gangamai river water or  ganga jal and mix it in the water used for shraddha or tarpan vidhi.

6) Do not kill any animal.   

7) Donot bring any new material in  house except related to daily cooking. 

8) Whatever pitar were liking any food, you can show as a naivedya to them.

9) Out of naivedya apart from home lord and for pitaras :
  • 1 each naivedya  for  cow 
  • 1  for dog 
  • 1  for  cow 
  • 1  for  ants (  chintia)
If ants not getting, can give to cow. Donot forget cow.  

I suggest, not written

If not possible to prepare naivedya  for all except for home lord and pitaras, give some parsley glucose or any sweet biscuits to dog or  cow.

Cows eat parley glucose very happily.

Can give bananas or fine mixture of him shenga laddus to cows.

These laddus are readymade available in any kirana  shop  and  cost 5 to 10 rs per piece.

But don't feed laddus directly. 

Take a big double piece of news paper.  Crush around 8 to 10  laddus for 1 cow. Different for others.  

Can give sugar to ants in the garden. 

Can give milk ( sweet )  bread  to cows.  

If cow is horny, Dont go close to her . Place the paper on ground and  leave her alone.

Before going near to any animals like cow , dogs take the name of lord Ganesh or hanuman or any other u like for self protection. 

Shloka for self protection to be chanted in mind or verbally ; Every time u leave house or any place or change the place. 

This is as Following :

Agrate mo  narsimho  

parshwato  govindaha 

ubhayo  ram laxmano 

sa  sharir  rakshatam mum 

What precautions needs to be taken in pitru (Ancestor) worshipping karma ?

10 ) No any physical contact to be kept to be kept .

In one of the spiritual books by param pujya  vasudevanand saraswati Tembe Swami Maharaj he  has clearly mentioned that no  any  physical relations  to be maintained by couple on the day of shraddha. 

11 ) No any misbehaviour  to be performed . Donot hurt any body . Keep senses under controll.  

12 ) Ask apology to pitars for any  mistakes  done at our hands  which  have  happened knowingly or unknowingly  and  due to which they got hurted. Humbly  request  them to forgive us 

13 ) While doing shraddha donot use iron asan ( lohe ka) 

14 ) During shraddha if  anyone comes to house,  treat them respectfully  who so ever it is. Can give them water and something  or prasad to eat. 

15 ) Treat Gurujis respectfully even if late or otherwise.  

Can give vastra apart from dakshina to guruji. This vastra  presentation i leave to everyone 's desire and economic condition. 

16)  Donot apply haldi kumkum ,  chaval or roli (  I didn't get meaning of roli) to photo. Chandan powder is best. 

I  feel that ashtagandha  may be alternative.  

17 ) At least khir or paysa (  puri  khir  recommended in many articles) as a naivedya may be shown on the day of shraddha  for home lord and  pitars. ( I say) 

18 ) Donation in form of distribution of fresh food like jambo vada Pav or idli or shira or upama or tea or coffee ( items are easily available on road vendors or  restaurant)  .

In  my opinion tell gents and ladies should not preferably go in front of  outsiders or beggers or bhikshuks.  

Distribution of old or new cloths or towels or napkins to poor people as per the capacity. 

Whenever u are going  to distribute food to any outsider , 1 simple measure for protection  =  We daily store home udbatti angara mixed with tirthakshetra or any jagrut temple angara of udbatti  in small box in our house.

Apply the same to neck or any body part  and then leave for food distribution.